My work expIores color, transparency, reflection and the material qualities of light. I seek the intersection of representation and abstraction, simplifying form and enhancing color, distilling and embellishing what I observe, while paying close attention to strong and balanced composition. I enjoy the materiality of paint and like to reveal my mark making. I often use scale to illuminate my focus and work in series in order to more fully investigate the engaging variations in particular environments. I am interested in the theme of impermanence; the works depict blissful, fleeting moments.

The current works from my “Ocean Elegy” series are visual poems that speak to our declining marine environment due to climate change. They suggest an imagined future in which we are only able to view sea life in aquarium museums that fabricate what we have lost in natural environments. The diptychs suggest both aquarium windows and our use of binocular fusion in perceiving the world. I aim to bring attention to climate change and its effect on the world’s endangered waters through the beauty of the underwater world.